Our workshop

Repair and service your equipment

Our workshop

Pic Negre - Shusski works with certified, highly qualified professionals who are constantly training in the world of skiing and snowboard repair.

The repair and maintenance of their ski equipment is under-valued by most skiers. Keeping equipment in perfect condition ensures greater safety and comfort when skiing. It allows you to adapt your skis and snows to the snow conditions. It is an essential element to improve the safety and enjoyment of your skiing day.

Our workshop is equipped with the most innovative machines. The set of ceramic grinding discs together with the hot waxing system and the stone brushing system provide our machines with the highest precision for the optimal repair of the equipment. Ceramic discs are able to sharpen almost cold, which allows for a complete sharpening without altering the properties.

The stone roller’s job is to print the structure on the sole of the ski or snowboard, which generates an immediate evacuation of the water generated by the friction of the boards with the snow.

Our professionalism is our guarantee in the repair and maintenance of skis and snowboards. Ski with more comfort and safety and bring your equipment for repair with us.

Our repair and maintenance services include the following processes carried out by hand and by our most qualified professionals:

  • Base tuning
  • Base sanding and edge cleaning
  • Edge repair and tuning
  • Edge grinding
  • Base waxing
Ski wax repair 16,00€
Snowboard wax repair 16,00€
Ski/snowboard edge repair hand finished 16,00€
Angled corner repair 27,00€
Edge repair + ski wax 27,00€
Edge repair + snowboard wax 27,00€
Repair soles, edges and ski wax 38,00€
Repair soles, edges and snowboard wax 43,00€
Various repairs 22,00€
2 PL box office 10,00€
4 PL box office 19,00€
Ticket office 2,00€
Ski locker 4,00€